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You awake in an abandoned temple and are told to get your memories and your powers back.  The twist comes in that their are multiple ways to get each ability.  Getting abilities from demons will raise corruption and make monster girls hostile to you while getting abilities from monster girls will lower corruption and make demons hostile to you.  Some enemies will always be hostile and some npcs will always be friendly. But your choices will effect the path through the game with three endings planned as of now.

0.1.6 available now for $5 or free for Patrons.

This release has the updated tech demo area to the left of start and the first few areas of the game to the right. 

I suggest using a controller but you can play with keyboard.

  • left and right to move
  • up to talk to npcs
  • e to pause game
  • space to jump


This Build:

  • Talk artwork for Siren
  • Added Lava Cave Area
  • Added ability Dive Kick
  • Added interactions between Dive Kick and Bounce Mushroom
  • Added interactions between Dive Kick and Enemies
  • Added Switches to turn on and off lava
  • Rough layouts of cave areas


  • Siren npc
  • Mermaid Enemy
  • First few areas 
  • Arrow Traps
  • Moving Platforms
  • Moving Spikes
  • Bounce Mushrooms
  • Water Movement/Drown Mechanics
  • Heart Containers
  • Lighting Engine
  • Water Lighting
  • Tweeks to movement

Future Plans:

I have 5 areas planned, at least 5 abilities with 2 ways to get each ability.  Getting abilities from demons will raise corruption and getting abilities from Monster Girls will lower it. Three endings based on corruption.  I also intend to have enemy monster girls not attack you if you are pure while enemy demons won't attack you if you are corrupt.  Some enemies will always be hostile and some npcs will always be friendly.

Let me know what you think any questions or comments are welcome.


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Well that was quite fun. Lots of good ideas in there. I like the non-lethal, cute/naughty approach to combat; and I'm really digging the platforming so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Just to make sure I got everything: The dash and wall jump are only available in the "tech demo" area, right? Not in the main game?

Right, more to come! I am hoping to fill in the map and add all the abilities next, then work on more enemies, and after that add bosses.


Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for playing! It was great seeing you play, give me some good ideas on what to change and refine in future builds.

Actually  the  present mechanics are good but the forests is a little bit untidy i mean if you are in forest 1 and you go forward you find you self in forest 6 i guess you can make signs to the forests or something like that you can but boss fights too it would be amazing  but the combat style and the mechanics is actually good .

Yeah, "the forest 1" "forest 2" is actually for me, so I know what room it is in the editor.  I plan to replace that spot in the final game with collectibles. And I definately want to put more signs to help navigate but not in every room.

Priorities are finishing the world map, then more enemies, then bosses.  For now getting to a spot where there will be a boss you can just pick up the ability.

Yea i'm sure this game will be a big one so excited for the next updates so well done and thank you for your efforts .