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You awake in an abandoned temple and are told to get your memories and your powers back.  The twist comes in that their are multiple ways to get each ability.  Getting abilities from demons will raise corruption and make monster girls hostile to you while getting abilities from monster girls will lower corruption and make demons hostile to you.  Some enemies will always be hostile and some npcs will always be friendly. But your choices will effect the path through the game with three endings planned as of now.

0.1.8 available now for $5 or free for Patrons.

I suggest using a controller but you can play with keyboard.

  • left and right to move
  • up to talk to npcs
  • e to pause game
  • space to jump
  • alt to run


This Build:

  • This version will become free when I release the next patreon build.
  • Revised Lighting
  • Added additional cave and forest areas
  • All planned abilities are findable on current map
  • New special effect for Dive Kick
  • One new monster girl (Spider)
  • Decreased damage from spikes and Traps
  • Revised Corruption system
  • Revised Health System
  • Life is measured in half hearts now, total 10 hearts, 20 hit points
  • Angel statues heal to full and create a check point
  • Dieing will bring you to last save or last check point
  • Webs added, will slow movement, dashing or dive kicking them will destroy them
  • Added button on title screen to turn off lighting (hopefully will reduce lag on less powerful computers)
  • Reworked some rooms that were causing lag
  • 1st level purity artwork added for character
  • Added falling spike traps
  • Added parallax backgrounds to many rooms
  • Revised knock-back and invincibility frames
  • Various rooms have been adjusted or changed based on feedback
  • Various new sounds have been added
  • Revised room transitions
  • Various bug fixes and minor adjustments


  • Talk artwork for Devil
  • Added Cave Areas (not all but most)
  • Added ability crystals for Dive Kick, Wall Jump, and Dash (crystals will be replaced with boss fights eventually)
  • New special effect for Dashing
  • Two new monster girl types, Fungirl and Slimes (Each slime variant acts differently)
  • Increased damage from spinning spike traps
  • Added one-way breakable spikes (requires bounce or kick bounce to break)
  • Charm ability can be learned from Ibrianna or Siren (talk to Ibrianna a second time)
  • New effect for Siren Charm
  • Holding dash button will now run
  • After getting double jump you can also do one wall kick after second jump
  • Double Jump can be learned from Devil in exchange for souls
  • Souls as collectable have been added (more uses for them coming later)
  • Basic corruption system has been added
  • 1st level corrupted artwork added for character
  • Charming monsters no longer gives health
  • Choosing the touch interaction heals but also gives a little corruption (Ways to remove corruption will be added in the future)
  • Learning abilities from demons increases your minimum corruption
  • Learning abilities from monster girls decreases your max corruption
  • Reduced knock back and adjusted iframes when hit
  • Various rooms have been adjusted or changed based on feedback
  • Various new sounds and music have been added
  • Escape key now pauses, there is now a selection on the pause menu for exiting to main menu
  • Fixed room transitions
  • New lighting system has been implemented; it does require a bit more computer power (will be working on a setting to turn lighting off in the future)


  • Siren npc
  • Mermaid Enemy
  • First few areas 
  • Arrow Traps
  • Moving Platforms
  • Moving Spikes
  • Bounce Mushrooms
  • Water Movement/Drown Mechanics
  • Heart Containers
  • Lighting Engine
  • Water Lighting
  • Tweeks to movement

Future Plans:

I have 5 areas planned, at least 5 abilities with 2 ways to get each ability.  Getting abilities from demons will raise corruption and getting abilities from Monster Girls will lower it. Three endings based on corruption.  I also intend to have enemy monster girls not attack you if you are pure while enemy demons won't attack you if you are corrupt.  Some enemies will always be hostile and some npcs will always be friendly.

Let me know what you think any questions or comments are welcome.

StatusIn development
Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars
(4 total ratings)
Tags2D, Fantasy, Female Protagonist, Metroidvania, monstergirl, Pixel Art


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Very cute art! I really liked the idea of double-jump being dependent on items in the area.


Thank you very much! Yeah I felt that it made for more interesting movement that way.

might this ever come to mac?

I won't give a definitive no, but I only have a PC for development and testing... I think my license allows me to make a mac build but I have no way of testing it to see if it works or if there are bugs at this time.

I mean, I could try it but I'm not a coding person or anything so if there is problems I wouldnt know anything about them for the most part

Well that was quite fun. Lots of good ideas in there. I like the non-lethal, cute/naughty approach to combat; and I'm really digging the platforming so far. I'll be keeping an eye on this.

Just to make sure I got everything: The dash and wall jump are only available in the "tech demo" area, right? Not in the main game?

Right, more to come! I am hoping to fill in the map and add all the abilities next, then work on more enemies, and after that add bosses.


Amazing game dev had a lot of fun playing it :) i hope you enjoy my gameplay 

Thank you for playing! It was great seeing you play, give me some good ideas on what to change and refine in future builds.

Actually  the  present mechanics are good but the forests is a little bit untidy i mean if you are in forest 1 and you go forward you find you self in forest 6 i guess you can make signs to the forests or something like that you can but boss fights too it would be amazing  but the combat style and the mechanics is actually good .

Yeah, "the forest 1" "forest 2" is actually for me, so I know what room it is in the editor.  I plan to replace that spot in the final game with collectibles. And I definately want to put more signs to help navigate but not in every room.

Priorities are finishing the world map, then more enemies, then bosses.  For now getting to a spot where there will be a boss you can just pick up the ability.

Yea i'm sure this game will be a big one so excited for the next updates so well done and thank you for your efforts .